Gutters & Eaves

Star Exteriors Gutters & Eaves Service

Minnesota gets a lot of storms. Whether it’s snow, ice, sleet or rain, one thing’s for sure… drainage is crucial. When you have issues with your gutters and eaves, Star Exteriors, located south of the Twin Cities in Faribault, MN, should be your first call.

Have you noticed water pooling at your building’s foundation? Are there cracks in the walls where they shouldn’t be? Does your basement flood? Are leaks occurring? You might need repairs or replacements for your gutters or eaves.

Star Exteriors prides itself on getting work done quickly and efficiently– after all, you don’t want a mess on your hands, so the sooner water issues are taken care of, the better, right?

While no two gutter systems are exactly alike, 5 and 6 inch gutters are industry standards. How does a contractor like Star Exteriors determine what you need? We look at the roof line and count the number of squares of shingles… which tells us how many gallons of water can come off a roof during a storm. Obviously, the bigger the roof, the more water there will be. Then we take into consideration the slope of your roof to determine, ultimately, what size– 5 or 6 inch– you should use.

Star Exteriors also deals with a building’s fascia. It’s an architectural term for a vertical frieze or band under a roof edge. It can also form the outer surface of a cornice and be visible to an observer. Fascias can be made of wooden board, plastic or non-corrosive sheet metal. Typically, the horizontal fascia board, which caps the end of rafters outside a building, may be used to hold rain gutters. FYI: the finished surface below the fascia/rafters is called the soffit or eave. If and when you need some work done on your fascia and/or eaves, trust that Star Exteriors knows how to get the job done well.

Do you need window wraps, such that your windows are protected from leaking water? If you don’t want water finding its way into your building, have Star Exteriors wrap your windows.

Are your gutters and eaves worn out? Are they working properly or not? Do you need custom ones designed and installed? Harsh Minnesota weather can take its toll on your gutters and eaves over the years. When it’s time to deal with fixing them (or replacing them) please call Star Exteriors. Not sure what you need? We’re here to help define the problem, address it, and make your life easier…

Whether you need minor or major changes done to your gutters, eaves, fascia, etc., consider Star Exteriors. Our phone number is 507-366-4018– don’t hesitate to call.


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